Reason and Heart

Truth was once a silent neutrality
in the war between my soul and my intellect.
Both parties raged so eloquently that it seemed
I could not speak a word against either.
The foundations of the modern world seemed to rip the two apart,
the soul being undermined by the intellect’s theories,
while the intellect was hushed by the soul’s conviction.
But in my time of weakness, wisdom spoke for me.
Wisdom looked upon both and chided their war,
scolded the childish thinking that clouded my path towards truth.
It is a fool that thinks one could win over the other, that
intellect or heart could cancel the other out,
and nevertheless end up in the house of truth.
The Creator of the scientific world and the Creator of the passionate man
are one and the same.
Therefore, I, in the Creator’s image, house both reason and heart.
I could not speak against either because I am truly not at war with reason or heart.
Within my blessed room in the house of truth,
my intelligence and my soul are not at odds;
they form a natural alliance, a spiritual coup,
attaining wisdom from the God who created both.
It seemed I could not speak against either, for the reason of my faith.
My faith and my wisdom come not from opposites sides of this vessel,
but from acceptance of the unity of their Creator.