anxiety state under the compulsion of analysis,
it’s an honor to be included.
sexual mechanisms
prove my holiness,
constantly monitored;
objective of his journey.
stories of humiliation, backlash blues.
the hearing of voices swelling in the clearing of
positive deeds of wrong-doing.
what are men celebrating?
The relative impotence of my husband

money got such a power
self-satisfaction in a worldly sense
protective procedure that lessens the fear
true Religion – where is their God?
sieve of Satan rouse the frenzy
age of peace and security
enchantment pride, terror Ideal
I saw headlines
they understood-skeptical
the sensible sun, scales of justice
lobster is delicious, raise my bottle in a toast

long, long trip – Scrap of Life
I’d kill myself, doctor
to be sound alone
swallowed up in the sand, not long to run.

you’re on hold.

note: this is a political subconscious technique poem, consisting of lines drawn from the Quran and the Bible, and works by James Joyce, Susan Howe, Katie Rain Hill, and Malcolm X.